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Special Offer has set up special pricing for my users. You can get an unlimited Standard Account with Powered by Wordpress Plugins - Get the full version!
days retention for only $9.99/month for the life of your account.

Newshosting has been providing Usenet newsgroup access for a long time. Over the past few years they have joined with several other Usenet providers, and also made great strides to improve their infra-structure and services, which has once again placed them in the upper ranks of NNTP service providers.

All Newshosting plans, including the $9.99/month special, come with the recently released Newshosting Newsreader. The Newshosting Usenet browser is a custom written, stream-lined, all inclusive package. Users that opt to use this newsgroup reader will not need any other applications to work with binary or text newsgroups. The Newshosting news reader has an integrated search which queries Newshosting’s servers for results from all articles on their servers, allowing users to locate any file from any newsgroup with one simple search. It also has built-in file previews and automatic thumbnails, reducing wasted time downloading a binary you don’t really want. For files you choose to download, it has automatic Parchive support to repair any damaged or missing parts of a binary, and automatic unrar to extract contents from compressed archive files. Finally, you can also sort your groups by the types of files usually found in them, such as text, audio, video, images and etc.

Account Features

Free Trial – Newhosting provides a 21-day free trial with up to 30GB of data downloaded from their newsgroup servers.

Tier-1 Provider – Newshosting operates the large NNTP infrastructure in the world

Redundancy – Newshosting recently doubled the data redundancy for their North American and European server farms. This upgrade helps to ensure that in the event of a loss of any servers in their farms, you will still get near 100% binary completion from one of the multiple backups carrying the same data.

Premium Subscriber Servers – Newshosting has servers which are dedicated to their premium subscribers. This means less latency or chance for a failed connection due to server load.

Retention – Newshosting has Powered by Wordpress Plugins - Get the full version!
days of articles for binary newsgroups. This is one of the highest retention levels available from any commercial provider. In addition, they are currently increasing their retention at a rate of 1-day, every day, so the article you find today will still be there when you try to download it tomorrow.

Unlimited Download Speeds – Newshosting does not put any restrictions on your download speeds. During my testing with the Newshosting  newsreader I was easily able to saturate my internet connection, completing a download of a 4GB ISO image in under 40 minutes. People with 100Mbit/s connections can expect that download to complete in about 8 minutes.

Bulk Rates – customers that choose to pay for their accounts in multiple month increments can get discounted rates to further decrease the cost for their Usenet Newsgroup access.

24/7 Support – Newshosting 24/7 support with a helpful/knowledgeable staff manning the phones.  In addition, their online FAQs will answer most users questions without having to make a phone call if you are willing to look for your answers.


Newhosting currently offers one of the least expensive unlimited monthly account available. I highly recommend their Unlimited account for $9.99/month. For that low price you gain access to their top-tier account, and the only extras that you get with their more expensive account is access to a separate server (which claims to have the same retention), and a web-based reader.

All Accounts
Powered by Wordpress Plugins - Get the full version!
days retention
256-Bit SSL
Newsgroup Client
Unlimited Plans
Maxbaud Special
$9.99 monthly
as low as
$8.33 per month
30 connections
XL Powerpack
$19.95 monthly
as low as
$15.83 per month
60 connections
Free EasyNews account
Standard Account
$14.95 monthly
as low as
$12.95 per month
30 connections
Limited Plans
Lite Plan
$10 monthly
30 connections
50GB w/rollover

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